Insulin Pump Demystified

Friday, August 25, 2006

The time is coming...

The time is coming...I've set an appointment for early October to meet with Susan, the diabetes educator who works with Dr. Levetan to discuss getting a new pump. Susan herself has Type 1 and has tried almost every pump out there. It's truly amazing what has come out on the market in the four years since I've written "Insulin Pump Therapy Demystified." I realize that my Disetronic D-Tron Plus is way behind technologically in what's available (besides the fact that its products and accessories continue to be recalled...), but again, I'm at a "comfort" place in knowing how it works and now I need to push myself beyond this zone to find the best pump out there that will help me manage my diabetes. Setting the date to meet with Susan was the first step and I won't be able to stay immobilized after that.

Meanwhile, I'm not happy that summer is ending...I want to hold on to my afternoons at the pool with my kids, the light evenings, sitting on our deck, my less frantic work schedule. But the time is coming and I will remember this summer fondly in many ways.

With peace to you--

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Get inspired!

I've gone a long time since posting--sorry.

I have a decent excuse: I've been busy doing nothing. My family and I took a week away and enjoyed the beautiful beach and town of Chincoteague, VA. Now by doing nothing, I mean that I was still taking care of my young ones--June, 11 mos, was very interested in eating sand and George, 3 and 1/2, was not always sure what he made of the ocean and frequently asked to go to the swimming pool, instead. Still, for my husband and I, the week away meant taking time away from everything work-related...which felt truly refreshing. Now that I'm home and have pretty much cleaned the sand out of all of our clothes, car and luggage, I'm trying to hold onto that "in the moment" energey that I felt during vacation even as I catch up with emails and work deadlines. At least I can try...

But I have been wanting blog about some very inspiring news--the day before our vacation, I had an appointment with my truly wonderful endocrinologist Dr. Claresa Levetan. Dr. Levetan, whom I've written about in other postings, is the phsyician who helped me to manage my blood sugars during my second pregnancy and for that, I am eternally grateful. But besides being a wise practioner, Dr. Levetan is a well-known research scientist and the work she is doing towards finding a cure for diabetes is absolutely inspiring...please read all about it at her web site:

Her research involves the discovery of a novel human peptide and a receptor associated with islet regeneration. Called Human proIslet Peptide (HIP), it stimulates the differentiation of adult pancreatic progenitor cells into insulin producing islets. The CureDM approach is to restore, maintain and protect new insulin producing islet cells in patients with diabetes...meaning that we would never have to rely on taking insulin on a daily basis again.

Please read about it...get inspired...spread the her work. My fingers are crossed.

In peace,