Insulin Pump Demystified

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Moderation actually worked!

Yes, I freely admit that I ate until my pants felt tight on Thanksgiving. But unlike over indulgence in past years, I actually ate mostly healthy foods on my plate--lots of roasted vegetables, turkey, some mashed potatoes and stuffing, small amounts of the candied sweets. We took our usual break for dessert and then I bolused more insulin and enjoyed a moderate slice of both pumpkin and pecan pie, smothered in a layer of non-dairy whipped topping. It all felt so good, and an hour after it was over, I tested in at 236. Could have been worse--a few more units and I was down to 146 before bed.

The next few days, I went easy on the leftovers and didn't beat myself up about eating such a good, extra-large meal. I really enjoyed dinner and left it at that. I went through the Thanksgiving weekend with my family not worrying about the scale, but just focusing on the experience of it all.

I heard a bit of my favorite cooking show, "A Chef's Table" on NPR today and the guest, a dietician, talked about the way our bodies all cycle into a carb-craving mode this time of year. It all connects to the darker nights and the way we instinctly tucker down and preserve our energy.

It's helpful to know, since I so often go into the November--March weight gain cycle. This year, I'm going to focus on low-glycemic index carbs and try and keep the moderate approach that worked so well on Thanksgiving going. It's only December 2nd, so I feel a bit premature in feeling optimistic, but awareness is the first step.

Wishing you all energy and vitality as winter approaches--

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Slowing Down

It's been a strange fall here weather-wise--lots of rains, dips into the 40s and rises back up to the 70s. Now Thanksgiving week is approaching and the weather is settling into the 50s. It feels like deep fall now, with winter weather just around the corner.

My rhythm really slows down this time of year; I feel it happening. I know it's natural, but I resist it. I want to stay inside, curled up, I'm less eager to get out for the walks that I need. I'm in a bit of a lazy rut and I feel it in my body. I've maintained my weight for the last two months, but haven't dropped a pound. And now the holidays are coming and I really want to be mindful of what I'm eating so that all of my weight loss efforts from last spring and summer don't go for naught. Not to mention that my blood sugars often go bouncy-bounce throughout the holiday season...and I'd like to bring a bit more attention and control to that arena this year.

I feel all of this intellectually, while my body is saying "sit on the couch, eat, forget it." Maybe the first step is paying attention to this tendency, to just being aware. Maybe I can work with my body this year, find some way to kick it into high gear, maybe doing some more yoga, maybe just putting on an extra sweater and making myself get up and go walk.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner though, I must admit.

Wishing you blessings,

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Halloween: Crash and Burn

GROSS. That is how I feel after too many days of yes, eating Halloween candy. It started innocently enough a couple of weeks ago when I saw big bags of candy on sale at the grocery store. Who puts candy on sale before Halloween? Being the bargain shopper that I am, I bought three bags.

Then the question was: where to store them that my 3-yr-old son wouldn't find the? He's pretty good at finding secret places, that kid. So I figured I'd just leave them in a bag in the car, under the passneger seat. Big mistake! I don't usually eat candy, not Halloween type of candy, anyway. I try to be conscious of what I put into my body and if I do eat chocolate now and again, I'd rather do the really good stuff, a Lindt bar or something along that line.

But having bags of Tootsie rolls and snickers and butterfingers and twix in the car with me all the time pushed me into a bit of a fetish state. You know, at a red light, I knew the bag was there, waiting for me to dip in. What fun! I'd take a little twix, bolus, and enjoy.

Let's just say that by Tuesday night, I had to go out and buy more candy to replace that car candy, the fetish candy, and then there I was, hours after taking my kids around the neighborhood for Trick or Treat, faced with more bags of extra candy since this year's turn-out of ghosts and goblins was on the light side.

Gross. I can feel those little packets of m&m's around my waist. It's over now. I am way done. I haven't been on the scale in a week bu ttomorrow morning I am getting back on. Halloween begins my annual cycle of "weakness"--indulging more than I should through November and December. I know many of us do it, but i don't want to get sucked in once again. I've worked hard to lose weight and even if I can bolus to manage the extra carbs, I know that eating junk does nothing to help my overall health.

Fortunately my kids are young enough not to notice if their treats suddenly get put in the trash. George was more excited about calling out "Trick or Treat" than actually eating the candy. No more snickers for me!