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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Product happiness, Product disappointment...

Part of living with diabetes means living with paraphenilia. Diabetes paraphenilia. Whether you are a pumper or not, you've still got to shlep around a meter, glucose tabs, insulin or meds...the list goes on.

So, like many people living with diabetes, I've become a bit obsessed with my paraphenilia. It's amazing how something as little as a new meter case can improve your outlook--and even your management.

I'm happy to report that I just discovered one of the coolest pumping products ever: groovy patches. Go now--check them out at Designer Dina Klavon has created a very fun way to make sure your pump stays in place (I'm feeling that now in the heat of the summer!) while also making the pump into part of your fashion statement. How cool is it for kids who are into sports to have a sports patch? For teen girls to switch patches with outfits? Discovering Dina's patches brought a smile to my face...and reminded me that a sense of play can go a long way in dealing with the drudgery of diabetes.

But on the other side of diabetes paraphenilia-ville, I was surprised to come home the other day and find a fedex envelope from Disetronic at my door. My order for my D-tron plus supplies wasn't due to arrive yet. When I opened the envelope I discovered an "Urgent Product Recall" for Disetronic D-TRONplus Power Packs (batteries)--seems that when the batteries' design was recently changed by the manufacturer, the result is that now the pump does not have time to recognize the power supply decrease and the pump may shut down before the alarm is triggered. That's nicee. All I need in my rather hectic life (two young kids, writing assignments, part-time job, attemps at cleaning my house and talking to my husband) is for my pump to shut down with no warning.

Up until now, I've been 100% loyal to Disetronic, even after the DTRONplus was recalled shortly after I started using it. I've felt that, despite its underdod status in the pump companies, that Disetronic has been reliable and that their customer service has been there for me. Frankly, I really can't handle anything else from them being recalled. That's it. I'm done. I'm due for a new pump next year--and whether I go with the Omnipod or a traditional pump, I've just decided that Disetronic is no longer part of the decision.

Hope that you are well--and enjoying the summer--


  • At 5:14 PM, Blogger Bernard said…


    Thank you for the pointer to the Groovy patches. They look like so much fun that I've ordered some for me (a guy) to try and some to give to friends who are pump users.

    At the very least they bring a smile to my face. But I also like the idea that it calls out that I'm a pump user.

    I think we need more fun diabetes stuff like this. Product designers are you listening?


  • At 10:09 PM, Blogger GabrielleK-M said…

    Thanks for your feedback, Bernard! I agree--diabetes care is so very serious that any levity connected to it can really lift my spirits and keep me going.

    All best,


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