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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy Mother's Day (I know it's belated, but still...)

Sure, Mother's Day can feel like a complete "Hallmark" holiday...but since becoming a mother myself, I appreciate that there's a day on the calendar when I can pause and reflect on how my life has changed since having kids. And can have a ready-excuse not to lift a finger around the house ("June is poopy again...and it's still Mother's Day, honey...)for the better part of 24 hours.

This year, my Mother's Day was really, really nice. When I picked George up at his preschool on Friday afternoon, he came running out with a little terra cotta pot that he had painted. There were pretty buttons that had obviously been hot-glued on, a blue satin ribbon tied around it, and a small green plant inside. "You made this for me, George?! Thank you!" George gave me a big smile. "Dottis made it," he said. (Dottis is the teaching assistant at his school). "Well, you painted it...that's the part I like most," I told him. When we got home, I put the planter up on my kitchen counter. Whenever Georeg looked at it, he chimed in with his "Dottis made it" mantra. "Dottis helped," I tried to explain, "but you did the special part." Looking at the pot and the carefully placed buttons, I could see that Dottis had done most of the work. Still, how great is it to have a hand-made present from your three-year-old, even if a nice sixty-five-year-old woman gave it some of its aesthetic flourishes?

When Sunday rolled around, I was showered with some very cute and lovey cards from my husband, flowers, and a new Morissey CD that he knew I would love. Even more cool, Fred watched the kids all afternoon while I used a gift certificate that I had received almost a year ago to have an hour massage at a fancy spa. It was heaven.

After the massage, I stopped at Starbucks for iced coffee and when I got home we ordered dinner from my favorite Mexican restaurant. We took a walk in the neighborhood after dinner, it was sunny and cool after an afternoon rain, and I couldn't help but feeling just complete and blessed and satisfied.

My days with my young kids are tiring and sometimes frustrating and almost always challenging in some way or another. But let me tell you, rarely does a day go by when I don't thank God for these children and for the opportunity to become a mother. Having a healthy pregnancy and Type 1--despite all of the medical advances in recent years--is still hard, hard work. The hardest thing that I have ever done in my life.

I am thankful to have had a Mother's Day like this one--with my pot from George & Dottis, my massage & Mexican food, the cards from Fred that I am looking at right now. Thankful to be just like my other friends, laughing about it all on Monday morning, "Yeah, me too, back to picking up the toys again..."

Happy (belated) Mother's Day to every mom with diabetes!


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