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Monday, April 17, 2006

Bizarro Carrot Episode

Have you ever eaten a food that you thought you knew how to bolus for...and were just completely off? That happened to me tonight. I've been cooking lots of vegetables. I love vegetables. I love them in salads and cooked every way possible; I usually steam, broil or roast mine.

Passover (still going on) is a springtime holiday and so tonight I made several vegetable recipes that seemed full of spring time spirit: one was pan-seared asparagus and the other was roasted baby carrots. The carrots, coated with olive oil and tossed with salt, pepper and garlic, smelled incredible roasting in the oven. I baked them at 425 degrees for about 35 minutes and they were just beginning to char when I took them out.

I made baked salmon for the entree and we sat down to eat. I was running a bit on the high side all day and was 156 before dinner, so took an extra unit of insulin. I figured the meal was pretty low carb--and just bolused for the carrots.

I don't know what hit me...I've never had a problem eating carrots before, but tonight my hour after-dinner blood sugar was 293. Yikes! Did I somehow eat a chocolate ice cream sundae with my meal and have total amnesia? There was virtually no other carb in the meal besides the carrots, so I'm blaming them for the high number. I'm wondering if the method of roasting them somehow wreaked havoc with their sugar/carb content?

Sigh. I love carrots and these were tasty ones. Do I make them one of my foods to avoid? When I first went on the pump, I was able to analyze which foods--even when I bolused for their carb content--were impossible for me to eat and keep my blood sugar on track. Bagels were the biggest culprit, though now I do fine eating a Thomas' whole grain version. But roasted carrots? Come on.

I will try the recipe again...just in case this was all some other kind of strange flukey blood sugar moment. I did enjoy eating them, at least.



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