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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ready for the time change...

Fall back, spring ahead! As much as I love springtime and the daylight that comes with it, I usually dread waking up that one hour earlier when it's time to set the clocks forward. But this year, my kids have broken me in already, waking up between 4:30--5:30AM most mornings this week. It's fascinating, the way they seem to be more instinctually in tune with the season...ready to wake up with the sun. It's been a tiring week, but my body is actually adjusting to waking up earlier and so the benefit is that tomorrow won't feel like such a long day to get through.

I am a warm weather person and can feel the way my overall mood is already shifting into a brighter state. I love being outside this time of year, watching the flowers in my neighborhood start to awaken. A few tulips have popped out of the ground in my small front yard...I had forgotten about them. In the next week or so I'll fill my window box with pansies and add some more annuals around the tulips.

This season is reminding me about renewal and nature, both outside and inside of ourselves. Last year at this time I was entering my second trimester and worrying about how I'd manage through the summer, dealing with diabetes and pregnancy and taking care of my 2-year-old son. Now that little boy is a more grown-up 3-year-old, my sweet baby is here with us, and I can give new life to other dreams. Mostly, I think my biggest challenge to realizing all of my dreams is patience. I want things to happen now, I love the quick fix. This spring, I want to slow down more and dream more and appreciate the small steps that I'm taking towards my goals.

Dealing with extra fatigue this past week made blood sugar control that much more challenging...but I feel back on my game today. I lost almost three pounds over the last few days, so that is encouraging, too. Spring is here and this time tomorrow night, there will still be light outside of my window. That will be sweet...


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