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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Night time lows

I made it through the first night of Passover pretty well...the food at my mother-in-law's seder (Passover dinner) tends to be pretty heavy in carb and in the rush of getting ready, I left my symlin at home, so I just tried to bolus as I ate and adjust for eating matzah products rather than the whole grain carbs that I've been trying to eat. I was 113 before dinner and by the end of the night before we left her house, I tested at 169.

It's about an hour drive home and I went to bed without testing again. At 2AM I woke up pretty restless and knew I was feeling low...I tested and was 61. I was thankful to have woken up at 61, rather than dropping lower. I went downstairs and poured a glass of grape juice that I knew would bring my sugar up pretty quickly.

I was still feeling shaky after I drank the juice and my impulse was to eat or drink something else...I wanted to quelch that shaky feeling. I hate feeling low. When I was pregnant and keeping my blood sugars as low as possible, I would often drop from 70 to 60 fairly quickly...and then eat too much and bounce high. I learned to drink a small juice box and wait 15 minutes and test again before taking anything else. That small juice box always did it--raised my blood sugar enough to be normal, without being high. But waiting that 15 minutes always felt like waiting out an eternity; I want the shaky, low feeling to be over instantly, even though I know my body doesn't work that way.

So I did drink some more juice, went back to bed and woke up about 5AM when I heard June crying. I was 236. Sigh. Overcorrecting. I took a bolus and by 6AM was back on track. Today we got to VA to my sister's house for our second seder and I'll be taking my symlin along and testing a little bit closer today.

In peace,


  • At 11:41 AM, Blogger Scott K. Johnson said…

    Hi Gabrielle,

    While I believe that whole 15/15 rule makes sense logically, I personally find it near impossible to wait that 15 minutes. It's torture!

    I almost always end up overeating (overtreating?), then countering with more insulin. It's frustrating because I know better, but just can't beat back those instictual urges of survival.

  • At 8:29 PM, Blogger GabrielleK-M said…

    That's exactly it, Scott. It is so hard to hang on, not eat/drink more when you're feeling that low and just want to get through it...


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