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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Feeling some progress

Life has been feeling intensely full, personally and professionally, during the last few weeks. My closest girlfriend in Philadelphia is moving in a couple of days and though I know we'll stay in touch and stay close forever, I am feeling the loss of her friendship in my day-to-day life already. For the last few years, she and I and our kids (her girls are four and 1/2 and 18 mos)have been playing together every Tuesday afternoon, and it's time that I look forward to all week. As I get older, I realize just how much I value the relationships in my life, and my friendship with Jane over the last 8 years has been one that's strengthened me and made me a better person because of both the love and support that I've received from her and also because I've grown from watching the way that she faces the challenges in her life with faith and optimism.

Jane's moving is just one piece of the fullness...this past weekend, we celebrated my father-in-law's 80th birthday with a big party and now, tomorrow, my brother is coming to visit us for a few days before he leaves for Nairobi on Friday to live with his fiancee there through August. I am so happy and excited for him and looking forward to us having time to connect before he leaves.

Professionally, new opportunities for writing, teaching and educational consulting are coming my way...which signifies to me that my energy is shifting. When my daughter June was born last September, I knew that I would need to lay low for a while and try to just maintain what I had on my plate. Any new work opportunity seemed way too overwhelming. Now she is 8 mos. and I feel like I'm getting my "sea legs" as a mom of two. It's exciting to think about new professional challenges, but I'm also aware that it brings up feelings of sadness for me, too...knowing that my time as a mom of a newborn is over. I want to try and balance my time "moming" with my time working in a way that feels both stimulating and sane...and as any working parent knows, that is a constant balancing act.

In the past, times full of transitions were often when my diabetes management would start to suffer...but right now, I'm managing pretty well. I've lost another six pounds, can see my weight goal in site, and am keeping my blood sugars pretty stable most days. I'm starting to learn thr nuances of symlin, which I take with dinner most nights and now occaissionally at lunch time, too. It is helping my post-meal sugars to stay more even for sure.

It feels good to feel like I'm making progress. I feel centered and grounded even as my life is moving and shifting, as it always does and will.


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